Bethesda Day Center

June 23 2021

The Flood

The Flood

Each picture tells a thousand words. This flood was more than we could explain. The storm started out of the blue, in a matter of minutes the sky started to get darker the clouds seemed to just build out of nowhere and hail came down as big as golf balls. In a matter of 2 hours flash floods and devastation gripped the town. As it is the Bethesda Day Center is on the lower part of the street and it got more than its share of water, up to about 5 feet or more. There are no words to describe the sinking feeling when you realize that everything is gone, damaged, destroyed. Just weeks before a generous donor from Hope for the Future donated six brand new computers Three of the new computers were in the downstairs part of the day center, now submerged in water. All the appliances, all electronics, all kitchen utensils, flooring and most furniture needs to be replaced. And also, the flood left behind a gaping sink hole in the children’s playground.

Flooring through out the day center need to be changed
sink hole in the playground
All our appliances need to be changed.
Refrigerators, Washing Machine and Dryers, Dishwasher, even the small appliances.
A very generous supporter donated new computers for the Day center the beginning of 2021.
We were devastated to realize our new computers were submerged in water and unable to be used again .

The rain stopped and the rebuilding begins.

In every devastation there is an opportunity for the love and generosity to shine. There has been few soaked hours of rain and tears. But God never let us down. Look back in your life and find the place you had to depend on the love and generosity of others. If you never had that time in your life, you have been amazingly blessed. But if you had a time like that in your life, you also had been amazingly blessed to see true Love at work.

The Opportunity

Your generosity can pull this moment of despair into a beautiful thing. Please join us to provide a new place for these beautiful children that daily depend on this, for a safe place to learn, get a nourishing meal, and interact with caring loving adults that for years they counted on, more than family.  

The happy faces of these beautiful children is our immeasurable reward. It takes a lot of funds and effort to keep the Galati Bethesda Day Centers doors open daily. This is a vital part of so many children’s lives. The Day Center provides a safe place for children to play and do homework before and after school while serving them warm meals and sharing the hope of our Savior. Through your monthly sponsorship and other generous donations children find a supporting and stable environment in the Bethesda Day Center. Please consider sponsoring a child today and change a life. We also reach out to their families and offer support in finding jobs and provide food and occasionally help with paying a utility bill. This help encourages the families to keep their children in school and not have them beg on the streets.

Sponsor a child

Due to the sensitive nature of the child identity protection, we will mail you the child’s information and our quarterly newsletter when your sponsorship begins.