Ukraine refugees

This messages are copied and pasted from Estera’s communication. Estera and the Bethesda Foundation staff is heavily involved in helping the refugees. Galati is very close to the Ukrainian Borders

We want to give you a short up-date about how the things are going on at Betesda …

At this moment, all the rooms from our homes are full.

We have 3 groups of refugees:

1. A baby (5 months) , a child 4 yrs, the mother and the grandmother. They are Christians.

2. A baby (1 year), 2 children (4 years old), 2 mothers and a grandfather.
They came soooo scared … crying a lot …
Also …. sick. They need lots of treatments …

3. A child (8 yrs), his mother , father and the grandmother. The mother is pregnant with her second child (a girl 😊).       8 years ago, in 2014, when she was pregnant with the first child, she was living in Donetk,  Ukraine, the disputed area with Russia. The first war started exactly when she had to give birth. Because of the fear and stress, they decided to move in Odessa. After 8 yrs, these days, another war started. She is again pregnant. She run … from Odessa … and came in Romania. Please pray for her. We hope that , any day now, she  will have … an healthy child … and also, she will be ok. Her husband (36 yrs), is with her, here. He was able to leave Ukraine because he has  a severe form of diabetes. From when hr was 14 yrs. He is taking every day 3 injections on insulin. Very sick 😰😰😰They are not Christians … and we are privileged to show Christ love to them ……….and we can see on their faces it makes a big difference   …… Praise the Lord!!!

Since all of these groups  came, I am almost all the time with them. I leave home in the morning … and come back at home very late, in the evening. Even I am very tired (and all the team), we are happy to serve these people … to show them God’s love for them ….
Many of them come sick (because of the fear, of the stress, of not taking their usual medicine, which they need to take, being exposed to viruses, bacteria after living for weeks in crowded basements together with many other peoples, so, please, pray for their healing, for their emotional suffering , for their loved ones left at home … and most important for their salvation ….Pray for us to have constantly – love in our heart, wisdom, patience, strength, and resources ….

Apart of them, we need to continue to do Bethesda work … to care our children .. with lots of challenges ….We will appreciate very much your support in this, too …
Just a short update …A fuuuull week-end past …Friday came to stay with us another mother with her child. We have now, in total 18 people. Yesterday we invited all of them, for lunch, to our home. It was such a joy for us to have them with us !!!!! At the end, we invited them to our church. Today they were in the church. Victoria, the director from R. of Moldova, was with us and she translated for them. They were very, very touched !!!! Only 3 of them were Christians The other are no Christians. Some of them never heard this word: Bible (😔). Please continue to pray for their salvation … as they will continue to be with us … Also pray for the 36 yrs old man with diabetic …. very serious. We want to continue to help him more. Some doors opened … to do this. Also, pray for his wife … in around 10 days it is planning for her to have the baby …We will keep you in touch with more news ….
Wednesday March 23With Gods’ help, surgery, Natasha gave birth to a baby girl, 3,200 kg. Praise God !!!!! Both of them are in good health !Also Serghei, Natasha’s husband, with diabetes, is going well with the new treatment. We continue to pray for their salvation !!!!!
Also, last night we received another mother with her child. Pray for them, too ….