Family Program

If you wish You Can Do something good or Dream You Can… Begin It… Boldness Has Genius, Power, and most of the time Divine Inspiration.

Our family program was just a dream, and even now after almost 23 years, most of the time we think how can we make a difference in such a storm? We humbly enter into the life of these families and observe their pain and enormous struggles. Most of the time we are introduced to the family by their children that were brought to our Day Center or our Children’s Program in the churches where our social workers are connected with children. We encounter endless circumstances, divorce, parent’s death, addictions, emotional and physical abuse. No circumstance are the same and there is never just a remedy. Human afflictions are as different as we all are. The only constant is the pain it brings to the children. No child asks to be born or gets to choose their environment. – As a side note, when I was young we lived on a farm, my family was poor, and we did not have electricity until I was 10, but I had my parents’ love and that made me feel like the richest child in the world. The families that we try to help are the ones that we notice the children suffering the most, where the parent’s conditions are affecting the children so dramatically that the children are not able to attend school, get an education or even a regular meal a day. Over the years we have helped a 38 year old widowed mother with 11 children. The mother never had finished high school and never held a job. Her only choice would have been to place her children into orphanages. This mother loved her children and was a good loving mother. Your generous donations made it possible for these children to stay together and grow up in their family.  We helped many widows, single mothers and families where the health problems made it impossible to gain employment. Do to respecting their privacy, we try not to reveal names, except to the sponsor of these families.

Most of the time the families we help will not remember us but we hope and our reward should be them bringing Glory to our God.