Bethesda September 2023

Dear Rodica & Monica,

Greetings from our family, biiig family – Betesda family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are doing well – well with your health, well with your family, well with the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!

We are well, praise God.

I bless the Lord, who advises me, because even at night he prompts my heart. 

I have set the Lord before my eyes: when He is at my right hand, I am not moved.

Therefore my heart rejoices, my soul rejoices, and my body rests in peace.

For you will not leave my soul in the abode of the dead, you will not allow your beloved to see decay.

You will show me the path of life; before Thy Face are unspeakable joys, and everlasting delights at Thy right hand.” (Psalm 16:7-11)

We praise God that finally we had the trip in our country with the girls. We spent 12 days, 9 girls. We were able to visit some of my friends (brothers and sisters, in Christ) and they accomodated us. The girls enjoyed MAXIMUM this trip (100%.).

We were happy to see and organize trips in the mountains. We were able to go boating on the lake, but also swim in a salt water lake. We visited a salt furnace, museums, tourist places, the botanical and also animal gardens,a salt mine … We were also able to organize activities that require a lot of adrenaline (ride with the chairlift, gondola, zip line, adventure park). We also took a train ride… with a 100-year-old train with a steam locomotive. We was also able to visit a meat products factory. On Sunday we also visited a church in Zalau (New Covenant Church) – a church which we enjoyed very much. 

The Lord has been good to us!!!!!!!!! He looked after us and He helped us to have a blessed time.

Thanks for all your support for this !

After this trip, the girls were in a Christian camp with the young people from our church.

We praise God for this. The girls really enjoyed this. Special Geanina Ali was very strong touched by God … We hope that she became a NEW CREATION – a child of God. Please, continue to pray for all of them, but special for her. She started the high-school – with new teachers, with new colleagues. Pray for her to be a good testimony for them … and, in school, to stay closer to those which can support her in good …. 

We have a new girl in the Girls’ home: Daniela Paun. She is only 12 years old. She is the youngest girls in our home. Her parents divorced. Her mom remarried and moved in Italy.

She stayed at home with her father. Her younger sister (8 years old) left with her mother.

Her father does not have the conditions to keep her. She always moved from her father to her grandparents or sisters (she has 2 older sisters, 18 and 19 years old. They are married and have children).. In this way, no one was responsible for her life and education.

We decided to take her to our house … to give her a new future, a new hope. Pray for her…

We also have a new mother, 22-year-old Ema, with a 3-year-old child, David. She was rescued from a hell where she and her child lived, being abused by her partner. They need prayer, too.

In the Day Center we have a new child, a refugee, from Afganistan: Haibar. He is living in Romania with his mom (the parents are divorced). There are 5 brothers and sisters. The other ones will come in Romania, too, in a short time.

Haibar and his mom are living in the refugee center.

Pray for him to know God’s love for him …. to know HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!

We owe you two pieces of information:

– about Paula. In August she had an operation and now she is better, but quite weak … like after an operation. She needs our support in prayer for the Lord to strengthen her and heal her completely.

– about Avi, my nephew. All summer he stayed in hospitals with a fever, although he took, all the time, strong antibiotics for what was found in his brain (an intracranial abscess). This past weekend, being still in the hospital, the doctors decided to stop all treatment and see what happens to him. So far all was good…. but yesterday we received another message from Razvan (the father) letting us know that Avi started to have again fever …

We continue to pray for him …. and for his parents who are exhausted by so much uncertainty about his diagnosis and his treatment.

Please, join us in this prayer !!!!

In Romania just started the school … so… another year of biiig work, biiig effort, biiiig challenges … But it’s worth it !

Andreea is student in University – Faculty of Economic Informatics. It is not easy – but it is her desire …. 

Please, pray for her, too !

A special PRAISE and THANKS to God is:

A great and special reason for joy, praise and thanksgiving to God: 2 weeks ago there was a new flood in Galati …. only for 10 minutes. Again, water gathered in the area of our day care center…. Water entered in the house. But because the rain lasted a little, we got there immediately and took the water out. We cleaned, disinfected… and now things are normal….

Praise God that He protected us and limited a loooooooot of evil….

These are some news about us …..

We appreciate very much your love, interest, encouragement, support for us ….

We appreciate very, very much this … and we thank God for each of you !

May God bless you richly !


THANKS A LOOOOOT FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer 2023 Newsletter

Dear Monica & Rodica,
Greetings from us !!!!!
Thanks a loooot for your love for us ! It means a loooot for us !
Just brief news from us:
Speaking about sponsors /  partners / donations ….. it seems that we lost one of our sponsors (he was our biggest one – from Canada. His business is not going well in the last time and he needs to do some changes. This means that also the donations he will cut ….). So, speaking about this … maybe we again will pass through a time of tests ….  Please, pray for us !We want to glorify our Lord … in this time, having faith in Him …. He is a Father, a good Father … and He will care us … until the end !!!!
Now is a time of holiday – for rest. The workers and the children, too.At the end of August we will reopen the activities … We are ready for the trip with the girls. We promised to them that if they will do good in school, finishing with good marks …. and if Geanina will pass the exams to go to a good high-school …. and Andreea to finish well the high-school and the exams of it … to be able to go to University … we will make a special trip in all the country.We will travel 2 weeks, going around our country, visiting some of my friends – having hosts for us …. Please, pray for our protection. We want to use this time for the girls …. Sharing them from our hearts experiences, advices, …
Please, continue to pray for Petronela (Abela’s sister) with her 2 daughters: Marta and Izabela. They need a lot God’s healing in their abused lives.
We asked you to pray for Avi (our nephew). He is still in hospital. After a looooong time, he just started to feel better. After many, many antibiotics …. But 3 days ago, he took another virus from hospital …. and he started again to feel worse …. EmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji He needs prayers. Also Lacramioara (the mother) and Razvan (the father). 
Also we wrote you about the biiiig amount of our electricity bills … We resent them to the company … and they realized that they are wrong calculated … They promised to us that they will recalculate them …. and than they will sent them to us. So, we are waiting them ….Praise God that it was sooo easy … and they recognized that they made a mistake. Because if they would not recognize this, we would go to Court …. and this would mean a lot of time and money …. But , praise God that He helped us …. and it is an easy way …. 
In the last week of August, when we will come back at home, our plan is to take another girl in the girls home: Daniela Paun (we wrote you about this girl in the past). Hope that God will help us to take her. She is sooo confused, totally neglected by her parents … She needs sooo much our help !!!!
We will keep you in touch with news about us ….
Love you,
P.S. THANKS A LOOOOOOT for all your support ……. and love …..