Hope for the Future 2021

Many thanks to our wonderful and generous friends / donors,

Our Sacramento event was abundantly blessed.

Hope is a place where kids are

allowed to stay

The Flood

Each picture tells a thousand words.

This flood was more than we could explain. The storm started out of the blue, in a matter of minutes the sky started to get darker the clouds seemed to just build out of nowhere and hail came down as big as golf balls. In a matter of 2 hours flash floods and devastation gripped the town. As it is the Bethesda Day Center is on the lower part of the street and it got more than its share of water, up to about 5 feet or more. There are no words to describe the sinking feeling when you realize that everything is gone, damaged, destroyed. Just weeks before a generous donor from Hope for the Future donated six brand new computers Three of the new computers were in the downstairs part of the day center, now submerged in water. All the appliances, all electronics, all kitchen utensils, flooring and most furniture needs to be replaced. And also, the flood left behind a gaping sink hole in the children’s playground.

The five foot tall fence in front of the house is under the water
The flood happened so fast, we couldn’t get anything out of our Day Center
The floor through the Day Center was water logged and damaged.
all the furniture, computers and appliances were ruined.
Children come daily to do their homework and distance learning
with our computers now unusable, providing a safe haven for them to learn will be a struggle
all out appliances needed to be replaced, being submerged in the water shorted the electrical

The rain stopped and the rebuilding begins.

In every devastation there is an opportunity for the love and generosity to shine. There has been few soaked hours of rain and tears. But God never let us down. Look back in your life and find the place you had to depend on the love and generosity of others. If you never had that time in your life, you have been amazingly blessed. But if you had a time like that in your life, you also had been amazingly blessed to see true Love at work.

The Opportunity

Your generosity can pull this moment of despair into a beautiful thing. Please join us to provide a new place for these beautiful children that daily depend on this, for a safe place to learn, get a nourishing meal, and interact with caring loving adults that for years they counted on, more than family.  

Keeping a Home together

A success story

One of the families we have been helping for many years were in desperate need of a roof. The father is still is still working doing add jobs but is barely making enough money to make any repairs or necessary upkeep to the house. The last few winters were brutal, with rain and snow coming through the roof. This spring our organization had enough funds to help this family put a new roof on their house.

Bringing Hope to a Family

Gifting a cow to a family with 11 children

I am very thankful to the Lord that finally, with His help and yours, we managed to complete this mission, we called it “the COW operation”

and to make these family happy. They were very happy and thanked for this extraordinary help.” We at hope for the future are thanking our donors for making this possible. The family cow passed away this spring while it was pregnant. The cow and the calf died. This was devastating to the family with 11 children, they depend on the milk to feed the children. With your help miracles happens. This was close to a miracle for them. They would have had no way of purchasing a cow. THANK YOU

Message from our social worker in Romania “Sunt nespus de multumitoare Domnului ca in sfarsit, am reusit cu ajutorul LUI si al vostru sa sa incheiem aceasta misiune, am numit-o noi” operatiuea VACA”  :)…si sa bucuram acesti oameni. Au fost foarte bucurosi si au multumit pentru acest extraordinar ajutor.” in english ” I am very thankful to the Lord that finally, with His help and yours, we managed to complete this mission, we called it “the COW operation”

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.”  —Matthew 5:7
new post 2/29/2020 From Social Worker in Alexandria / Romania

Today I visited the family of Maria B, Adi’s grandmother. I brought him some food and he was very happy and thank you for everything.
On Wednesday, when I went to school, I was talking to a teacher, she told me about a case with a rather sad situation, a father who raises his two children alone, the children mother left them. The father is forced to stay home to care for the children (Denis -3 years and Adrian 7 years).
Their income is the children’s pension and when possible he gets day jobs to earn some more. I went and visited them home. I was surprised, you would say that there is a woman’s hand there (very clean and the children were very well cared for). I also bought them food and some clothes and when I was leaving I asked my father if he needs anything in particular, when I came back next time. He was embarrassed and put his head down and told me he never received anything from anyone for free. He is a hard-working man and good father. I will be going to visit them again and bring them food and check on the children.

Hope for the Future organization was abundantly blessed this year. As we partnered with Bethesda Foundation, we were able to help sponsor children in Bethesda Home and Day Center. In our yearly visit to Romania we also started a new Hope for the Future program to help children in the town of Alexandria, a short drive from Bucharest. We also visited and rejoiced with the families that we have been sponsoring for years. It’s so nice to see these children flourishing, their life changed by your generous giving. We are humbled to be the instrument of your charity and wish you could see the joy you bring to them.

Hope for the Future is a non-profit organization founded on the vision of helping orphans and needy children. Our efforts are helping Families in need keep their children in school and off the streets. In collaboration with Bethesda Foundation we open the doors daily to Galati Day Centers that provides a safe place for children to play and do homework before and after school while serving them warm meals and sharing the hope of our Savior. Through monthly sponsorships and generous donations children find a supporting and stable environment in Bethesda children’s home. Please consider sponsoring a child today and change a life.

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