Dear friends

  • Welcome to Hope for the Future
  • Since 1997 our calling to help the Romanian
    needy children has developed into a community action of love and compaction for
    the less fortunate in our home country. Us we help the children we lift the
    spirits of the whole families and give witness of God’s love and faithfulness
    towards the widows and the fatherless.
    As I visited Romania this year I was touched by the love and enduring
    spirit of Benone family. A family in Giurgiu with six children, the parents are
    unemployed and for the last few year are doing add day jobs to provide for
    their children. As we talk the husband told me how God’s hand is present in
    their life. He mentioned that their horse died, he said it was a blessing since
    it was eating lots of hey he now can feed to the cow or the other life stock,
    also he said that God show him how strong he was, when need came he harnessed
    himself to the carriage and asked the kids to push behind him and brought the
    necessities home himself. We brought some gifts to the kids and helped with the
    paying of some utilities bills. As we left the wife insisted to give us some
    eggs and cheese to take to some other families in need. While in Romania I
    volunteered in a State Children Hospital; that was an eye opening experience,
    to a very much needed program for volunteers. The nurses would place the milk
    battles by the child’s bed and in a half an hour they would come and take it,
    if there were no volunteers the children would not eat. The volunteer would
    bring dippers and we were allowed to change the children 4 times a day, and if
    we did not bring the dippers the children would not be changed. I asked why,
    and I was told that the feeding and changing are the parents’ responsibilities,
    but since the parents have other children at home the children are left in the
    hospital by themselves. Please join
    me in your next trip to Romania…Visit a children’s hospital and give a needed
    hand to the helpless and most precious sick children. If you are interested,
    please let me know so I can give more information about volunteering.


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