Apple Hill Event 2021

Hope Celebration 2021

50% to help Caldor fire victims

50% to rebuild Hope Day Center

November 6 at 2:00 PM

Silent auction, Dinner and Music

Romanian Cuisine and a variety of wines

Music by Ken Masuda a.k.a. L-daWg

Silverthorne Meadows Silverthorne Meadows

3099 North Canyon Road, Camino, California 95709


Hope is a place where kids are allowed to stay

Our heart strings have been tugged more than ever in the last year or so. There is no part of this beautiful earth we share that has not been affected by natural disasters and health issues. But we are not born with a spirit of fear. We have a God given resilience and we will overcome. Hope is what we all have in common and Hope for the Future organization holds tight to the promise of a better tomorrow. Even in the face of adversity and tragic news we do not let our hearts be troubled. We believe. We are not done working. Our mission is building hope in the hearts that have been abandoned and afflicted.

Even though our mission for the last 25 years has been to help orphan and needy children in Romania, we can not turn a blind eye to the devastation that happened in our town, our neighbors, coworkers and friends. The devastating Caldor Fire has affected El Dorado County in many ways. Hope for the Future will share the money from the Apple Hill event, between the rebuilding of the Day Center in Galati Romania, and the rebuilding of Hope here at home in El Dorado County. You can dedicate your donation to go to either project, money that doesn’t have a specific dedication will be shared 50 /50 between the two projects.

Day Center, Galati

The flood

June 23 2021 Devastating flash flood, destroyed the Day Center many children used every day
All flooring, computers, all electrical appliances, and kitchen furnishings have to be replaced

The Caldor Fire

If you lived anywhere within 100 miles of El Dorado County, you could have not avoided the unrelenting smoke that overtook our life for over 3 weeks. The stats speak for themselves: