Benone Raciu family (Giurgiu, Romania)

Dear friend please take a look at this very tragic situation and consider helping this very dear family. Benone Raciu Family has 6 kids under 10 years old. They bought a very small 2 room half of duplex with some yard and they have been cultivating the yard profusely to put food on the children plate. The previous owner that lives in the other half sued him to take the front yard away from him, which will also have him lose his rights to enter in the house through his front door. The previous owner hired a very aggressive lawyer and won. It is horribly unfair, since they paid for it. Not only they lost a very good piece of land that produces food for the family, they also lost the right to use their front door, they will only be able to use the side door. And to add more injury the Benone Family has to pay for the previous owner’s lawyers’ fees, an extreme amount for this family equivalent to $1450 (4500 lei). This family income is about $300 a month. They will never be able to pay this fee and with the interest that will build up they may lose their house. If you can, please consider helping this family.

Beniamin, august 2, 2003


Debora, august 12, 2004


Sefora, november 17, 2005


Maranata, january 8, 2007


Naomi, february 18, 2008


Sara, january 6, 2010

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