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A Success story

Dear friends, supporters and prayer partners of Bethesda Home, 13 years ago, two daughters together with their mother stepped shyly at the door of the day center: Bianca Constantin (9 years old) and Anca (7 years old). A typical story: poverty, alcoholic father, divorce, struggle for survival of a single mother, burdened and defeated by the hardships of life. The team of Bethesda’s day center received them with love, introduced them into our assistance program, and enrolled them in school. The girls have been attending the day center for a year. Mother, stricken by poverty and attracted by the mirage of prosperity of the West, decided to leave for work in Spain. She asked us to help her and take the girls into our full care at the girls’ house. We took them. We loved them. We cared for them. We’ve tried to do all our best in order to fulfill their needs: material, physical, emotional, spiritual. Years have passed. The girls finished the secondary school, then the high school. Five years ago, Bianca found the saving faith in Lord Jesus, then she was baptized and joined the local church. Last year Bianca finished high school, took the final exams and was admitted at the Social Sciences College in Iasi City. She was on the taxed places for one semester, but she worked hard and on the second semester went to the government subsided places, and even more, took scholarship for good grades! This year it was the Anca’s turn to finish high school. She failed one of the exams in the summer. But she was ambitious, worked hard, pass the exam in autumn, she enrolled in Iasi at the same college with her sister Bianca. At this moment, she is on the taxed places. Hopefully she will follow Bianca’s example, will work hard and go to the subsided places. On Saturday, September 30th, we took them with the minibus of the foundation (a minibus was needed for many luggage for two girlsJ) in Iasi in the rented apartment where they will live in the next years. I was overwhelmed by a deep feeling of gratitude to God, looking at them now: two pretty, educated, student ladies with healthy living values anchored in Christian morality. I thought about what they were 13 years ago, and what they are now. And my heart, and our hearts, the members of the team, exclaims: “Glory to You, heavenly Father! You Who said that You are the defender of the widow and the orphan, that you raise the poor from the garbage and put him to the table with the big ones. Thank you, You keep your promises! You change lives, characters and destinies!” We hope and believe that you feel the same satisfaction, dear friend and partner of Bethesda, knowing that you have been and are part of this long, hard but beautiful way of investing in the children and young people of Bethesda.

A new beginning for two sisters

This summer, four months ago, two other sisters stepped on the threshold of the girls’ house: Banu sisters – Andreea (13) and Georgiana (8). They too, have been attending the day center in recent years. And they too, have a past and a childhood marked by poverty, hunger, neglect, abuse, unfulfilled needs. At the beginning of this year, Child Protection decided to decree parents from parental rights and take five from eight of their children and place them in different places, families and centers. Knowing the situation of the girls, we offered to take them to Bethesda. They are already accommodated at the girls’ house. We can see changes in attitude, their behavior. They already seem to have begun, if not to bloossom yet, even to bud. They are happy at the girls’ house because they have everything they need, because they are loved and helped. But they still miss their brothers and sisters…. They are just children, a good life is in front of them to be enjoyed! We think of what they can become and we dare to dream about them too. Their life, their future is in the hand of God. We want to do our best, as we did for Constantin sisters: Anca and Bianca. We pray, hope, believe, work, help, love, embrace, discipline, encourage and correct them! We invite you to continue to join us and help us, dear friend and partner of Bethesda, with that type of support that you have on your heart. We need the help of God, we need your support as well. We sow, God makes it grow. We educate, God changes characters. We love, God makes the heart soften. We pray with you, God protects us, takes care of us. He did it before.





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