News Letter May 2018

May, 2018

“Behold, I do all things new!”

Dear friends, dear prayer partners,

A few weeks ago, the Heavenly Father brought us again the word of John 5 about the healing of the lame man at Bethesda pool. Beyond its applications for the local church, we were challenged, as a team, to think of its meanings for us, the Bethesda family. We remembered that Bethesda means, in Hebrew: “The House of Mercy”.

We are thankful to God for over 20 years already in which Bethesda was a “House of mercy” for many children, young people and adults. We humble ourselves for every moment when those who came in contact with us did not feel that.

Today, when we think of the present and the future, we wish and pray with you, dear friends, that Bethesda will remain and increase to be a place of grace, a house of mercy, a place of healing physical, emotional and spiritual, a place of meeting “The Lord who heals” (Exodus 15:26).

In a world of loneliness (despite social media networks), emotional traumas (despite the multitude of psychologists), spiritual confusion (despite the multitude of churches and Bibles in libraries), we want to grow into being for those wounded, fallen, discouraged, the stretching hand and the mouth that says, “Get up!” Lord, help us, please, be like Your hand!




It is such a joy when we see this healing process working in the lives and souls of many children and young people assisted by Bethesda.

Maybe in the most obvious way this thing can now be seen with the two sisters Banu: Andreea and Georgiana, the last to come to The girls’ house, almost a year ago. By the way, Andreea has just turned 14, she is now possessing an identity card! ☺

Here’s a recent photo of her on the day of the secondary school festivity! Let’s pray for her final exam!


After several months of working at the KFC restaurant, Alisa Bănică applied for a job at Orange Telecommunications Company and she was accepted! We pray for her! We continue to pray for the baccalaureate exam that she will have in June and her desire to go to college.

Let us also remember to pray for Ana-Maria Brailovschi with the same problem: the baccalaureate exam and the possibility of going to college!

As we had hoped and prayed, Anca Constantin worked hard in college and went from fees places to budget! Thank God!

Bianca Constantin will again have a temporary job in Sweden in July, then there is a prospect of going two months on a mission trip to India. Let us pray for her, her need for mission support and God’s protection.

Carmina Profire (Carmen Profire’s daughter) wants to go to India on mission with Bianca. Let’s pray for her too.

Anca Constantin and Adelina Brailovschi are also looking for a summer job. Let us pray for them too.




In other news, Alex Ichim (22 years old) who was assisted in The boys’ house, after years of wanderings and dramatic experiences across Europe, he returned back in Romania, in Galaţi. He’s in a time of re-setting his life and important decisions. Temporarily we offered him a job in constructions at Bethesda, but he needs a secure and permanent job, he needs God. Let us pray for him.


Let’s continue to pray for Petru Jighiuță, who, as the years go by, (he is 38 years old) he seems to go down in the ability to behave, to relate correctly to the other boys in the house. His intellectual limitation becomes more obvious, despite the good medical treatments he has taken. Whatever the situation, he is ours, we love him, we take care of him, he will always stay with us, but we need to pray more for him!

Let’s also pray for the other boys in the house (Mihai Dumitrache-16 years, Mihai Ţigănuş-15 years, Florin Raducanu-16 years old), for their school evolution, but also for their emotional and spiritual healing!

We are happy to have Costel Pintilie (22 years old) in the house who is more settled, more mature, more responsible, able to bring balance in the house.




The children from The Day Center look forward to school holidays and then go to the Salt Valley camp. This scholar year has been a tough one for the team, with many changes, with many new small children that require a lot of attention, time and effort from the team. We are thankful that the Lord has strengthened them and we continue to pray for them.




After many intentions who didn’t come true due to the lack of resources, we took a step of faith and started the repairs, expansion and refurbishment of the day center courtyard.

Pray with us for resources and grace from heaven to complete this project by autumn, at the beginning of the school year. Thank you!



A few short news now:

* Radu and Silvia Profire are expecting a baby and there are some health problems with the baby. Let us pray for this.

* Eugen and Iulia Burghelea are waiting for the third child. Let’s surround them with our prayers.

* Maria Sava is engaged and, on September 30, they will have the wedding. Pray for her and Ruben Tănase so that the Lord will help them to build a healthy relationship now and a healthy marriage in the future.


* David Profire and Andra Bulugu will form a family starting with May 26th. Let us pray for their marriage. We rejoice for them and their families, we pray for the blessing of the Lord for all.




Some maintenance and building works are needed at camp site from Salt Valley too, before the camp season starts. Please pray for the resources we need.




Please, continue to pray for both families Bulugu and Profire in order to be kept by God in good health (Paula Profire has some health problems; please, pray specifically), in wisdom, in humbleness, in strength and grace to be able to keep going in leading Bethesda on the right way, in the right way, for the right purpose, for God’s glory.

Thanks again for all you love and support!


Yours truly,


Benu & Estera Bulugu Dani & Paula Profire                      Bethesda family



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